Farm Guardians

Sarabi (Female)

Sarabi is a great gaurdian and a wonderful mother. She treats all livestock family, even her Human family, like her pups. She weighs 87 pounds and stands about 66 inches (5 foot 6 inches).

Tank (Male)

Tank is no longer with us on the farm his life was taken by evil people. He was a very sweet dog and is viewed as a hero on the farm since he prevented Sarabi from eating poison that was baited for them. He just turned 1 year old and was 95 pounds and 68 inches (5 foot 8 inches) before he passed.
Rest in Piece

Puppies for Sale

Puppies were born on 02/28/18

Pick up date will be 04/25

Full price $400

$200 deposit to hold a puppy & $200 on pickup

If you are interested in a Great Pyrenees, I strongly suggest you research before you buy. Great Pyrenees need at least 1 acre of space to roam/each. They are very territorial and need a good fence to keep them in. Some are known to climp chain link fences and jump up to 5 feet high.

They are really good livestock gaurdians especially with proper training. They are also good family dogs if you interact with them daily. Introduce them to guest, don't let guest introduce themselves. They guard, thats what they do, so expect barking.

These are country dogs, not backyard dogs.

Male 1

Male 2